We're a group of ladies who love to sing and harmonise ........ singing in the unaccompanied 'a capella' style

HISTORY - Our local group first appeared in public at a Christmas concert in December 1998.

Since then we've performed for many local fund-raising functions, and special occasions - such as the Ulladulla visit of the "Endeavour" and and Federation Day. We've had a great deal of pleasure from our performances, and great encouragement from our audiences.

We sing in four parts graded from the higher 'tenor' and 'lead' voices, through to 'baritones' and 'basses.'


NEW MEMBERS? - We're always seeking new voices for our group. Any interested ladies are invited to contact our committee members (- see below) for further information ... or just come along to our practice sessions, which are held each Wednesday evening, 7 pm - in the Catholic Church Hall, next to the St Vincent de Paul outlet in Green Street, Ulladulla.



Musical Director - Barbara Fletcher - 4454 0438
Secretary - Morag Effield - 4455 3771 | email - morag@internode.on.net


 Greeting the 'Endeavour' at Ulladulla